Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Skype Let Down

Skype just got knocked down a bit in my estimation today. I have had a few dollars in a Skype account "just in case". And I just got an email saying it expired. With a bunch of fluff saying how they tried their best and all. Crap.

So I sent them an email back:

I just received an email saying my Skype credit has expired.

Within the email it tells me how you "tried to make our expiration policy as user friendly as possible", and how you must "comply with normal accounting rules".

If either of these things were true, then you would have sent the automated email *prior* to the credit expiring to provide the opportunity for people to maintain their account presense.

And regardless, to determine an account "dead" simply because the credit was unused rather that the account being unused is absurd. Which is reflected in the fact that you do not deem an account "dead", but just the credit. You know full well when an account is genuinely dead when the skype user no longer connects to the skype network.

So the reality is that this is simply a money grabbing opportunity and a blatant one at that.

This is very disappointing.

I hate it when a service seems to do it right and then punches you in the face.

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