Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Compiz XGL

This took a bit of getting going, but it works now. This is on Ubuntu on a laptop with an ATI X600 onboard.

The error I was getting referred to "Support for non power of two textures missing"

This suggests that the driver I am using cannot handle anything other than square textures, and googling showed that I should be using the fglrx driver rather than the standard ati driver.

Thats great, but I was already using the fglrx driver, so something else must be afoot. I tried a bunch of things, even AIXGL, but couldn't get passed this error - which was coming from compiz.

So I gave up and went back to X vanilla. But back in X I found that ordinary GL apps were running slow - max 5 fps.

That is when I discovered that dri - direct rendering - wasn't being loaded. So no 3D acceleration. And it was simple enough, the composite option was enabled in xorg.conf:

Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite" "Enable"

Composite cannot coexist with dri - and once disabled, GL apps sped up. glxgears went from 100 fps (which I actually thought wasn't a problem - that is a high frame rate in the scheme of things) to 1400 fps.

So I fired up XGL again, and bam, my windows are now wobbling around my cubic desktop just like they should.

I hope someone else lands here and this helps....

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