Friday, March 02, 2007

The Bank Counter-Conspiracy....

Hello. If you work at a bank, please look away now. This information is not for you.

We are all aware, to some degree, that the worlds banks are conspiring against us in order to extract as much money as they can for us.

I can now reveal a conspiracy that you can be part of against the banks. Here it is. Take a look at one of your many credit cards. Now turn it over and observe the signature strip... notice how narrow it is? Try writing on it... notice how it seems to repel most ordinary forms of pen delivered ink?

Now this is probably something you have known in the back of your mind for many years - since you sent off your first credit card application and got your sweaty credit virgin hands on a plastic rectangle that was your ticket to free money. All you had to do was turn it over and sign on the... d'oh! The strip is too small for any reasonable signature and damn it, none of these pens leave a mark. You probably put this down to early inexperience and let it fester into a growing feeling of inadequacy as you grew through credit filled life.

Well, it doesn't have to be that way. There are millions like you. Billions. In fact, here is the kicker: Most people on the planet are aware that credit card signature strips are hopeless for recording signatures. It isn't just you.

The truth is, the only people on the planet that do not know this fact are those working in the bank and credit industries. This is the one morsel of information that we have and they don't. Huzzah! Please don't tell them.

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